The People and Places of Conway Cycling 


Pompe Park Flow Trail

Located at the corner of Prince Street and Morningside Drive, this approximately one-mile loop offers riders of every skill level a fun place to ride. Berms, rollers, and table drops combine with natural features in this conveniently located city park.  

Tech Park Loop

This 3.1-mile loop trail is a combination of woods and open meadows. Professionally built berms and classic single-track are spread throughout The Meadows Technology Park in south Conway just off Sturgis Road.  

The Bunny Slope

This is a great beginner trail located directly behind Walmart on Dave Ward Drive. You can access the trail either from Walmart or Tucker Creek Trail. The entrance from the trail is just past the red bridge. The trail has a loop on either side of a creek/ditch that runs right down the middle and is spanned by a single bridge. The total length is one mile, and the trail is entirely flat. There are no roots or rocks. Do not ride, or attempt to ride, this trail if there has been a recent rain. 

Tucker Creek Trail

Conway’s first greenway trail, measuring 3 miles in total, is also the city’s most popular. Perfect for new cyclists, Tucker Creek Trail offers users an option for a short 3-mile ride beginning at the Salem Road trailhead or a 6-mile route beginning at Gatlin Park off Tyler Street. If you’re wanting to build your confidence, this route is the perfect place to do so. Start with a shorter route riding down to Hogan Lane and back, then level up by riding the entire length of the trail. There are also single-track mountain bike trails that run in the pine trees alongside Tucker Creek for much of this route.  

Cadron Settlement Park

This five-mile MTB trail at Cadron Settlement Park offers a load of fun and a great workout. Cadron consists of an “Outside Loop” that encircles the park and is a little more flowy and faster and an “Inside Loop” that snakes around on the inside and proves to be technical and challenging. Be aware — hikers have beaten a path between trails which can lead to some confusion. Follow the Orange arrows for the full trail. This trail is frequently rated as a difficult blue or blue/black.  

Model Shared Roadways and Complete Streets

Since passing a Complete Streets ordinance more than a decade ago, Conway has developed more than 60 miles of bike lanes, shared paths, and trails. Conway has been designated a Bicycle Friendly City for more than ten years. Two recent major street projects have modeled excellence in biking infrastructure. The Markham Street and Donaghey Avenue reconstructions include dedicated bike infrastructure like cycle tracks and a comprehensive marking and signage suite.   


Wes Pruitt, Founding member and coach, Conway Bearcats NICA Team


“I have been heavily involved in cycling in Conway for almost 20 years now.  I was on the first-ever bicycle advisory board that the city put together to work toward the goal of a bicycle-friendly city.  During my 9 years on the city council, I was a strong advocate for the cycling community and proposed we hire our first part-time cycling and pedestrian coordinator, Terry Coddington.    

NICA (National Interscholastic Cycling Association) has also been a large part of our family for the past 7 years.  I remember when Terry (Coddington) came to me and Erik (Leamon) and said he wanted to start a high school mountain bike team.  We were all for it. We had no idea what to expect.  We were thinking that it may just be our 3 kids on the team in the first year.  We advertised a little and were very surprised when 12 kids showed up for the first practice.   

Seven years and four Pruitt NICA athletes later, we are still loving being a part of this (much larger) NICA team and a part of the cycling community in Conway.”   

Fritzie Vammen, President, Conway Advocates for Bicycling 

“Conway Advocates for Bicycling is excited to be a part of a growing cycling community making Conway an even greater place to live and work. CAB is in the process of growing its Conway Cycling Project (CCP) headed by Ron King. So far this year CCP has repaired and given away 142 bikes and additionally has repaired 72 bikes for folks who bring them in.  

CAB sponsors group rides on Monday and Wednesday evenings from March through October starting at 5:30 pm at the McGee Center. There are 3 groups to accommodate all levels of riders.  

We have an annual fundraiser, the Conway Fall Classic ride, with 20-, 40- and 60-mile options and a fun catered pasta lunch following. This occurs in September. We split proceeds this year with the Faulkner County Boys and Girls Club.”  

Terry Coddington, Bike and Pedestrian Coordinator, City of Conway 

“Conway is an amazing place to ride because we have access to a little bit of everything including rural paved roads, climbs, flat roads, mountain bike trails, rural gravel roads, greenways and safer alternative transportation routes.  I am working hard as the City of Conway Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator to bring amenities and features of places we love to visit to our great city.  When we do this, we attract more jobs and talent to our community while becoming healthier and happier in the process while getting even more people involved in our community.” 

Erik and Tara Leamon, Owners, The Ride 

“We like to think of The Ride as Conway’s hub of the wheel. We exist to provide quality bicycle products and repairs, as well as educate, connect, and encourage our customers. We keep Conway rolling by connecting all of these integral components of the local cycling scene in one hub, The Ride. We encourage and support those who are ready to make healthy choices to be more physically active on two wheels. We do our best to make this world a better place, one bike at a time.”

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