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Ten Year Deposit Summary

Faulkner County ten year bank deposit summary

Bank Deposits and Market Share

Annual Faulkner County and Conway bank deposit and market share figures



North Metro Economy at a Glance

The North Metro is comprised of five counties: Faulkner, Conway, Perry, Cleburne, and Van Buren. This page is updated monthly for North Metro economic information.

Conway Economy at a Glance

Are you curious about the city's economy? The Conway Economy at a Glance is the perfect summary of the various aspects of Conway's business climate.

2019 Single-Family Residential Faulkner County Real Estate Sales

This page contains detailed information on residential home sales in Faulkner County and non-Conway cities in the county. Sponsored by Bank OZK.

Sign Permits Issued

Signs for businesses, whether temporary or permanent, must be filed through the Department of Planning and Development. This page tracks sign permits issued in 2019.

2019 Conway Single-Family Real Estate Sales

This page contains detailed information regarding single-family residential unit sales in Conway, as well as other cities in Faulkner County. Retrieved from Faulkner County Board of Realtors. Sponsored by Bank OZK.