Construction and Capital Invested

These graphs summarize commercial and residential building permit growth and fluctuations, as well as estimated costs, in the last ten years.

2018 Building Permits

This page is updated monthly and includes all commercial, residential, duplex, and multi-family construction in Conway.

Advertising and Promotions Sales and Tax Collections

This page contains up-to-date figures on Conway's hotel, motel, and restaurant sales, as well as Advertising and Promotions sales tax collections.

North Metro Real Estate Sales

This page compiles single-family residential real estate sales in Cleburne, Conway, Faulkner, Perry, and Van Buren Counties.

Residential Real Estate Sales

This is the most detailed resource for residential real estate sales data in Conway.

North Metro Economy at a Glance

The North Metro is comprised of five counties: Faulkner, Conway, Perry, Cleburne, and Van Buren. This page is updated monthly for North Metro economic information.

Conway Economy at a Glance

Are you curious about the city's economy? The Conway Economy at a Glance is the perfect summary of the various aspects of Conway's business climate.

Retail Sales and Tax Collections